Word is spreading about our excellent reputation. We are a well-received partner in the technical support . To keep perfect performance, flexible brand cell can be choosen, Sony, Panasonic and Samsung. Our experts are always being asked for their opinion. And our innovative developments are the constant focus of press coverage.

Battery Pack Define concepts for power batteries and develop prototypes. Design and configure power batteries and fully integrate them into the,E-Bike,E-Motor,E-vehicle etc. Lay out and configure the internal and external high-voltage wiring Ensure overall integration with the electric drive into the vehicle Implement early diagnosability, validate concepts running on the test bench and in the vehicle

Using our own battery management system that supports all relevant system requirements and make sure they are met in battery systems for prototypes and low-volume production. Thermal management is simulated and cell behavior validated under electrical and thermal load in Puxun's own test rigs and climate chambers.